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Just bored two 3/4" holes through my house last night for the new outside outlets. Hoping that Wednesday is as nice as they say so I can snake the romex and get it all wired up.

I am kicking myself for working in the yard and not getting any lights up last weekend. It was BEAUTIFUL and I should have at least had the roof and gutters done. <grumble>

The thing that's worrying me is getting the sequences done. I've not spend much time on it this year and may be rushing to re-use the sequences from last year on the new layout.

Can someone remind me how it got to be November so quickly?

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Just Finished Sunday Eve. I'm happy, but now I'm in decorating mode and can't stop so I'm going to "suprise" decorate my buddy's house this weekend while he's out of town.

He doesn't ever hang ANY lights, but his wife wants him to so she's bribing. So I'm doing it for him and I'm even getting COOKIES out of it. I'll do ANYTHING for fresh soft warm chocholate chip cookies!

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I started this Sunday,

Northpoles are up - 4

Mini trees are set - 10

10 ft Mega tree frame is up -1

waiting for Daryl with ChristmasLightShow.com to send me my new metal frame for my star and hooks.

Countdown timer set

18 Flood Lights set


Roof Outline

Gutter Outline

Wood Cutouts -10

Wire Frames -15

Snowflakes -10

Lights on mega Tree

Set up 6 Artificial Christmas Trees

Leapping Arches - 4

Driveway Arches 4

Sidewalk ARches 10

Inflatables - 6


Programming 1 more song

Decorate inside the house

Ricardo A

Pasadena, TX.

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I'm all complete (except for my signs) and have been running sequences to refine them. I also have time to sequence another song or two. The set up went very quickly with all the great weather we've had. I started two weekends before Halloween and then took a few days off last week to finish up. To tell the truth I'm sort of sorry that it's all done, but I won't have much time later in the week. At least I was able to find all the failed strings and other gliches, no last minute scrambling like last year. I also am going to start videoing some nights this week.

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Normally don't start until this weekend, but with the weather we had last weekend I did the trees and the stuff on the roof. Lights went up around the windows last night and I am going to hang the icicles tonignt. Then everything left will be on the ground.

Way ahead of usual and the work crew doesn't come until Saturday. I hope they still have stuff to do.

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wow you guys have been busy!!Lights are on the house,thanksgiving blow molds in the yard,christmas blow molds the 1st of dec.

Are you going to use that LOR controller this year? :)

I am about 70% done (which is great for me by this time in years past!) :P

I won't go "live" until the early December...

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Finished physical setup & all power & network connections Monday at 4:30pm. Tested & everything is hooked up properly and working.

I've finished 3 sequences I'm happy with, 1 I'm not thrilled with (yet), and working on a few others. Feeling a little overwhelmed that I'm not going to get all the sequences I want finished by lights on.


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I still have an amazing amount left to do. Almost hate talking about it.

Working with a neighbor for the first time, and basically winging it on

most items that were done last year by this time.

Going from 76 channels into a lot of items, into 145 channels into a lot fewer items. Light count changing from around 17k to around 50k ... between both homes.

Big projects remaining: 5 more trees to wrap with R+G, megatree

Finally got the double path Snowflake Wall project done (see avatar) ... with the 24 flakes on it

over the front door. 9' star is on the roof with 480 lbs of sandbags in place.

My goal is for a little static stuff to begin this weekend ... and then the show

can start by the following weekend, hopefully by Dec 6th in earnest.

Will be sequencing a lot, but haven't started to convert any 2008 songs into the new show layout yet.

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