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Fading or dimming

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A guy I used to know made some automatic X-faders like that by adding a simple control circuit to a couple of cheap household lamp dimmers. Unfortunately, my electronics ability is pretty much limited to soldering, but maybe someone here will know how to do it.

As a slightly more expensive alternative here are two. The first is available at


It's $30, and 300 watts per channel, so I don't know if that's enough for what you're planning.

The second is available at http://www.christmasdonebright.com/s.nl/it.A/id.73/.f

It's $100, and is 720 watts total.

I saw a post somewhere else that said Menards has the 300 watt ones for quite a bit less. No Menards around here but if you're close to one might give em a try.




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I am trying to use several flood lights in two different colors.

I want to slowly fade from one color to another without computerization.

Any ideas?

You can look for "DMX Dimmer Packs" that have the option to be fully automated and dim from one channel to the other. I have seen 4 channel ones, but I'm not sure about 2 channel. The 4 may work if it contains the right fade program.

If you are handy with electronics, you could build one yourself. If you're not, then this will likely turn you away! :P You could build one that uses (off the top of my head) a timer to turn on and off a relay circuit and use capacitors to hold charges and limit them with resistors to slowly cross fade, then use a triac to take the low voltage and allow you to mimic it over 120V...on second thought, it's easier the other way. ;)

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