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Venting about new computer

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I bought a new laptop so I could sequence on it in the comfortable chair, and IT STINKS. It has Windows 7 and IE 8 and there is a glitch that is causing the back button and refresh to not work, and internet options is shaded out under tools. Plus it just keeps freezing up!

Everything is saying to do a fresh install, they did not give me the disc, and when I spent the time to try to create recovery CDs, it always fails on the third one. I DONT HAVE TIME FOR COMPUTER GLITCHES!

I am so glad we still have the workhorse computer with XP Pro on it to get this all done. When it dies I just don't know what we are going to do.

I know this is an older post but I wanted to give you my take on Windows 7 and issues with running LOR, etc. I have been running and working on PCs long before the days of Windows. In fact, my first PC ran DOS. Black screen and white lettering. Not a whole bunch ever went wrong in DOS.

Anyway, here's my opinion about the laptop. In your original post you mentioned that you specific purpose on buying this laptop was to create sequences in a comfy chair. You didn't mention if this is the same computer you will be running the shows on, but I will assume the answer is yes.

If all you are planning to do on this machine is create sequences, import some CD's to MP3s, and run your lights, then Windows 7 is way more than you need. In addition, as other have already pointed out, there are additional software that Best Buy, Dell, HP, and other install referred to as bloatware which uses more computing power to run this software leaving less available for you the end user.

My suggestion is to backup everything on that PC, and do a clean install. I would suggest Windows XP Professional because its a basic operating system that doesn't require a lot of system resources to run your basic programs such as Internet application, LOR, iTunes, Windows Media Player.

Obviously you don't want to go doing that now at this stage of the game this late in the season, but it is something you may want to consider as an off season project. I would be more than happy to help you with the process.

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Yes, and he loves it soooo much he's advocating that people download it and steal it. :rolleyes:

(or at least I think that's what he is trying to say)

Oh, and soks... Chrome has a built in spull-checker ;)

I didn't mean to download and steal it. What I meant was go to bestbuy and buy the actual vista os. It costs between 200 - 600 dollars. I've seen it go for different prices at different stores.

And yes I like vista better than windows 7. Still there's nothing better than apple.

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I ended up running the show on the good old trusty HP XP Professional desktop, and I really did think of wiping this new one clean and installing XP Pro on it because I have a disk that will do it, and a license key from an older computer that crashed, but I didn't know if everything would work without a lot of trouble.

A couple of years ago I bought a gateway notebook with vista, and it really did not have enough RAM, so I started to put XP Pro on it but read that there was trouble with the drivers, so I just ordered more RAM.

I am growing more used to the Windows 7, and using firefox instead of IE right now. I do more than sequence lights, I shop too lol.

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