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Christmas Lightshow 3D star kit. Help!

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I am trying to put together the 3D star kit from Christmaslightshow.com. I cannot find any documentation on putting together the rope light. I found the other thread about this and tried the method for connection the rope light to the power cord but nothing works.

I really wanted to put my tree up tomorrow but this is putting a crimp in everything. I sent an email to their support but probably won't hear anything tonight.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong?



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Did you get the rope light ends in the kit?

If so, you have to make sure the you get them lined up in the holes in the end of the rope lights. They go in easier if you use an ice pick to open up the holes a bit before you insert the end.

I had to use try both ends of the rope to get one of them to work. I had one piece that was bad, but got a replacement within a few days.

If you did not get the end, you can use some spt1 wire.

First separate the wire and then strip about 3/8" of the wire.

Tin the exposed copper

Slide some heat shrink over the rope lights

Use an ice pick to open up the holes in the end of the rope lights

Insert the tinned wire into the opened holes after you remove the ice pick

After you do this to the other wire, make sure that no wires are touching before you test to make sure it works.

Slide the heat shrink over the end of the rope light where the wire you inserted is hanging out. Then take a hair dryer and use it to shrink the tubing over the splice.

Hope this helps

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To be honest, I was very frustrated ... just like you.

I was almost ready to return the product completely.

I tested and tried again and again and again ... and the darn rope lights wouldn't work for me either, or only half worked.

Only one section of rope light worked for me initially in the 3D star kit. When that happened, I was very disappointed with the quality control, since it would seem that you could test for this in advance ... but maybe I'm being unrealistic, but that would be what I would expect ... esp. since many of these solutions are for folks perhaps unable to do this all on their own or using DIY.

I can tell you that getting the rope light sections to work took 1-2 hours ... and then zip tieing to the star, another hour or so. In the end, I was a happy camper, the the journey was an unpleasant one.

My rope lights required slight cuts (trimming), as a couple of the non-working rope sections were not cut exactly on the cut line and even though one seemed to be cut correctly (on the cut line indicated on the rope light itself) ... I noticed no wire was visible (inside the rope light) to make contact with when I inserted the male ends into it (what a pain).

So after I cut maybe 1/16 or 1/8 off (one section required two small cuts, each about the width of a cracker) ... I could see the wire (?) inside the rope light holes ... inserted the (male) piece again and then it worked.

I will admit, I've never worked with rope light (DIY) before, so I didn't know what to look for.

So perhaps this trimming tip would work for you as well. Just don't rush it or give up.

I do think that despite the wild popularity of CLS products ... that they are lacking in instructions and basic quality control ... and perhaps require a greater level of DIY skill than it might first appear, esp. since some products ... like the strobes and rope lights ... do not always work out of the box, and require tweaking to work ... then are fine after that.

Most folks here already know the tricks to get them working, but if your expecting a retail type product that works out of the box ... that hasn't been my experience with CLS products (despite them being good products in the end, if you know the tweaks/fixes).

And I do apologize to Darryl and CLS if this appears a little harsh, but I truly do believe that they could improve in these areas and make an already good product line a lot better, by having clear, concise instructions for all products and quality control measure implemented which would make problems a rare exception.

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You have to make sure the connections(prong goes and contacts the wire ends of the rope light) are lined up correctly and the prongs contact the wires properly.

Here is a link that was provided to me regarding how to attach rope to frame: http://www.christmaslightshow.com/3d

and also provided this link regarding how to do the connections:


By the way, you're going to need plenty of plastic ties. I would at least have 150 on hand and make sure you have electrical(black) tape on hand to block out the light for the extra length of ropelight.

Hope this helps you.


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I bought mine a couple of weeks back and assembled it with zero problems. The male taps were not the easiest things in the world to insert fully into the cut rope light. I didn't use an ice pick or anything, just lined it up and some not-so-gentle persuasion pushing against a hard surface and/or in clenched teeth.


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Taybrynn, Ditto!!!

I finally got one wire to work. On to the next four.

Although it is about 3 prong rope light, this video helped me so I'll post a link here for those to come.

Couldn't find a video about 2 prong light but the principles are the same.

Thanks everyone! Maybe we will get this done today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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