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I want to do a mural for my garage... What to use?

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The convention in theater is to use muslin for flats. it is a fairly cheap fabric that takes paint pretty well. One nice thing is you can backlight it if you want your mural to have a different look. It will most likely be cheaper than canvas.

Here is a link for Rose Brand, search "muslin". Other stores like Jo-Ann should have muslin to purchase as well.

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Are you wanting to cover the garage DOOR? If that's the case... this doesn't help you in your quest... but it might serve as an alternative. I chose to utilize all the space ABOVE my garage door by making an 8' x 8' picture out of Coroplast (2 sheets of 4 x 8). If it's something you might be interested in... I'll be glad to send you more details. Here's a couple of pics of what I came up with.

If you're set on covering the garage door itself, you might consider ripping a couple of sheets of Coro lengthwise and affixing each panel to your garage door panels with carpet tape (yes, I've used it successfully outdoors). The downside is getting the residue off afterward! :eek:

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