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When will it begin???


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Soon i'm sure. It's not like the "old days" when the stores were full price until the day after Christmas!

lowes was already 25% off "select" lights and decorations this weekend. I'd venture to guess that it will ALL be 25% off by this coming week, whatever day they do their change over. 50% will likely happen 2 weeks before christmas again.

I don't know about other stores...

I know I have my eyes on our local Westlake/Ace hardware stores. I know I won't even bother going back in there until the day after christmas, or even a week. They have the GE 'mini' LEDs in 100's, red, green, and white. At the price they are now, no one can afford them! I'm hoping they have a BUNCH left. :)

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You don't need to run our for milk, there are plenty of people here who will do that for you. Just keep checking PC. You will know when the sales start because you will see dozens of posts about them.

My local WM has red, green and amber on rollback ($1.83) already and few remain. They have probably 30 cases of clear and 10 cases of blue but those aren't on rollback yet and neither are the red and blue on white wire.

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