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Disney behind the scenes tonight

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Looked more like a theatrical lighting console. They also made it seem like they didn't do the sequencing until the entire display was installed... strange.

I was able to get a personal tour of the whole system the first year (2006) that they implemented the "Spectacle of Dancing Lights" at MGM (Hollywood Studios). They got custom made AL boxes and used a Flying Pig Systems iPC for control. The iPC had SMPTE timecode running into it from the audio playback system.

It actually isn't weird that they waited for the entire system to be installed before they started. All entertainment ventures usually wait to program until everything is setup because the pre-visualization software that is available is very expensive and it isn't designed for christmas lights. Although it is possible to setup for pre-visualization, it wouldn't be practical because of the amount of time it takes to draft anything in a 3D environment, especially a system as complex as they use for their holiday lights.

They also launched a new tour this year about the holiday lighting throughout the WDW resort, so If you are going to be in Florida, it might be something to check out. here is a link with more information.


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