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My reindeer came home - A happy story


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Awhile back I posted on the blow mold thread that someone took 2 of my Union blow mold reindeer. This display was very popular with the kids. A few unhappy kids knocked on my door and asked about the missing reindeer. I didn't want to disappoint all of the kids that come by to see this display so I frantically searched everywhere and finally bought 2 replacements on ebay. The last of the 2 arrived 2 days ago.

Now the rest of the story....

I still had a few strands of lights to set up so I was working on putting them up with my 17 year old son 2 nights ago. A car pulls up in the driveway and 2 people exit the car, a teen about 13-14 years old, carrying my 2 reindeer, and a woman.

The woman was the boy''s mother and she found the reindeer stuffed in the boy's closet. She knew that they were mine because neighbors put the word out about the missing reindeer. She told me that I could press charges if I liked. The teen apologized and said that he didn't mean any harm, he was just pulling a prank.

Meanwhile, my son, who was listening, had grabbed a basketball and was shooting hoops. He walks up to the teen and pushes the ball to him, as if to invite him to play and then asks "Hey man, Why'd you have to steal my parent's stuff? They do if for the little kids."

As they played basketball the woman explained to me that the boy lost his father last summer and was acting out as a result. I had no intention of pressing charges even before I heard this but was even more convinced that I shouldn't after hearing the hard time that the teen was going through.

My son comes over with the teen and says "Dad, we worked it out, if it's alright with you..He is going to help us put up the rest of the display and take it down with us after Christmas so there's no need to press charges"

The two boys helped put up the some more lights until it got too late and I drove the him home. He got out of the car and as I was turning around to leave, he comes running back and knocks on the car window. "What time do you want me there tomorrow?"

The teen did come over last night. The three of us finished putting up the lights and my son was explaining how to do things as we went along. I could tell that the teen looked up to my son. So do I.

Cost of 2 replacement reindeer, $86.00

Knowing that my son is growing up a fine young man, Priceless!!

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Guest Matilda

WOW! I'm blubbering right now... What a story! You should send this in to Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel.... That is an awesome Christmas story! You are so lucky to have a son like that! It sounds as though that other boy may not be such a bad egg after all!

PS (Did you clue mom into the fact he 'rearranged' the other deer? LOL ;))

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PPS (Does this mean you are selling two Union deer? ;);))

No, I don't think that I'll sell them. I might keep them as reminder that good things sometimes come from seemingly bad things. My son wants to turn one into Rudolph too so I guess one is already destined to become red nosed.

pssss thanks for the kind words...we are proud of him

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Wow. I literally teared up while reading that. Sorry you had to go through the process of replacing them, but that kid learned a life lesson and hopefully he will stay on the good path now.

Yeah, this ex football jock (me) shed a tear too when I was telling a co-worker the story. He did too. Of course, afterwards we punched each other in the arm and walked away. :rolleyes:

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Glad I'm not the only one that teared up. Sounds like the teenager just needed some guidence and may have found it in your son, you and your Christmas display. You may have found another Christmas junkie not that that is all bad. He may have the big lighting display in the years to come and owe it all to you and your son. Makes a person feel good to read a story like this.

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Part of me wonders if he took it and then regretted it (so he stuffed it away while he tried to devise his return plan).

Mom also took responsibility for her son by commenting about pressing charges (instead of pleading not to)

Your son went above and beyond and potentially made a new friend and was probably able to talk some sense into him from a peer level.

Overall, great story, great ending.

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Like you I lost some reindeer and had an inflatable damaged.

Outcome, my son and daughter (both high school students at the time) did find out who had taken and damaged the inflatable.

When the display was over for the winter these two high school students who had caused the problem came over and helped my son, daughter and myself put the display away.

I thanked them for helping and asked why they volunteered and they looked at my kids and said they my son and daughter thought it would be good for them. They then asked if my kids had said anything to me. I was thinking there is more to this. Later I asked my son and daughter how they got them to help. They told me they were the boys who had damaged my display.

That was eight years ago, today the same two boys (young men) call me up and ask to help. And better yet they now put up display at their own house.

Best Christmas gift I have ever gotten and continue to get.

Moral is that sometimes kids can work it out better than getting adults involved because I doubt I would have suggested working on the display.

Glad it worked out for you as well.

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Thats Great! Glad that mom didn't sweep it under the rug.Also good that he will work off the hassle & disappointment of them coming up missing.Maybe he will become an important extended family member.

Tell your son we are all proud of him too.

I agree, it was good to see the Mother trying to have her son take responsibility for his actions. She has had a tough time with him but maybe he'll turn things around. He really is a good kid at heart. Sometimes kids just can't handle serious situations such as losing a parent.

Thanks for the kind words about my son. Kids tug at your heart and remind you of what is important in life.

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I seldom post on these boards but just had to on this story. After a week full of news reports filled with people behaving selfishly and irresponsibly, this is a story that renews the faith. You and your wife raised a great son (and you demonstrated a generosity of heart), your neighbors cared enough to help pass the word, the boy's mom made sure her son took responsibility for his actions and the young man now has an appreciation for the Christmas spirit in more ways than one. How very cool!


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Glad to hear the reindeer got home in time. Sorry to hear about the teen's problems and hope your son and you helped him. Making it through the first Christmas after his dad's death is bound to be rough on him and his family. You have a son to be proud of.

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