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[yet another] MegaTree Calculator!

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Hi All,

Ok, so I know there are a few of these floating around. For my own use I was looking for two things:

1. I bought my minis for my tree, I know the lighted length, what should be the height and diameter of the tree? I found calculators that will calculate height based on string length and diameter. I found calculators that would calculate diameter based on string length and height.

My calculator requires that you only input the lighted length. It then calculates the height and diameter based on the accepted standard that the diameter is 1/2 the height.

2. I wanted to be able to play around with various tree sizes without having to write down numbers or load different pages.

So I made 4 different calculators that operate independently and fit on my screen without having to scroll.

For example, if I enter a lighted length of 12', it calculates a recommended height of 10.73' and a diameter of 5.37'. Well, maybe I really wanted a 12' tree, so I can go to the next calculator and enter 12' height and 12' lighted length to see what the diameter is (without losing the recommended values in the first calculator).

It will also calculate circumference in each case, so maybe the circumference comes out to 21', but hey 20' is so much easier. Proceed to the next calculator and enter 20 in the circumference box. Again, your previousl numbers are retained in the other calculators.

Anyway, it was useful for my own situation, and I hope it can help you too. It is an Excel spreadsheet. My brain hurts from figuring out the algebra for the recommended height and width :)

20091204 MegaTree Calculator.zip

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had to zip xls
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