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Photos of my awesome new Donation Box


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My older cruddy box from previous years was modified to have a cable and it locked to my regular mailbox which is cemented into the ground. But the problem with having the donation box next to the mail box is clutter, and it gets lost in the mix. Also if you look at the pics below, you'll see my donation box last year did not look like it had a lot of credibility. This year's newer donation box looks a lot more professional, and has more credibility.

As soon as we moved the donation box to the center of the driveway entrance by itself, there was an immediate improvement in giving, so we have our donation box there now, but there is nothing to lock it to. This is a locking donation box, so at least we can keep them from stealing money from it unless they take the whole thing. Besides either we or several neighbors are outside most of the evenings, and we empty it several times throughout the night.

Here's how it used looked 2 years ago, lost in the mix:


And here's how it looked last year in 2008, a big improvement in looks and results:


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That is truely brilliant! Errr.... Awesome! lol.

I love the details too. I'd like to set up some sort of a donation box too. After walking around out there last night and the night before collecting for the food bank, it does appear that people are willing to give when you put on a show like we have.

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There's always the risk someone would "wheel it away". bBt is the risk any more if it did not have wheels? Besides we are outside quite a bit, and I empty it a few times during the 5 hours that it sits out there. There's always neighbors or myself outside, and there's usually other cars, so it's unlikely someone would try anything. May the Lord protect his offering plate.

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Bring this back up found these are on clearance at Lowes for 60.01. I couldn't resist after seeing this. Mine doanation box confuses everyone so hope this works out better. There was one more left don't know if it still there but I can check if some wants it. I'd be more then happy to go check.

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Man, let me tell you guys, the world really is filled with idiots. I did not realize just how bad until I saw people trying to figure out how to use my donation box. I stood there in shock a handful of times as I watched the general public trying to figure out how to open my donation box (standard US mailbox), with a sign on it with arrows pointing to the knob stating "Pull Knob".

So this photo below shows how well instructed the mail box was:


So then I changed my strategy and left the door open, with another big sign with arrows pointing to the huge slot. And guess what, one lady still could not figure it out, and jammed her $1 bill into a tiny channel slot on the right side of the box where the metal red flag slides out. She did this with a giant gaping slot 12" from her face. You see that tiny slot on the upper right side of the photo below just under the red roof? That's where she stuck the money! Actually I saw 2 people do it. And think they are driving on the road today! I give up!

You're telling me you STILL don't know where the money goes?


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Jeff Yeah I was kinda worried about that too. My last box I kept having to opened up the slot for people to drop the donation into and they would still put donation in the flyer box. I even put White letters on the lid stating FLYERS. LOL Still liked the look and I need more water protection.

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