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Photos of my display destroyed by a wind/rainstorm last night

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More reports from the battlefield...

Wow, what a day of frustration and humiliation. First of all, yesterday marked 3 days in a row of rain and high winds, but we must have had some kind of microburst. I heard we had tornado warnings in our area. 5 PM last night, my 18 foot tall snowflake cascade between my palm trees collapsed from unusually high winds. We managed to get it back up and I bolted some of the PVC elbow joints. Then we go to church for our Christmas concert, and while I was gone, a gust of wind knocked over half the items in my display, and look at these photos below of what it did to the giant nutcracker on my Christmas arbor arch. It literally sucked the nutcracker off the arch, tearing it where both joints were screwed to the arch! That ads new meaning to nutcracker! Talk I glued it back together today with Gorilla glue. It's funny, the other nutcracker soldier stood his post, like a true marine! Also, one of my Bellagio fountain poles toppled over, and one of my driveway deer was decapitated.

Talk about losing your head!


This guy is really laying down on the job



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wowsers.. wind is scary for our displays.. that windstorm is moving our way.. ive been reading forecasts of 50 MPH winds weds here... im hoping it fizzles before it gets here....

every year it seems wind is a nemesis.. and scary because there is no way to control it.. just have to listen to things crashing down and hope for the best the next morning..

that snowflake tower was awesome when I saw the display last year.. one of my favorite parts of your light show...


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Well, I was able to piece Humpty Dumpty back together again. Here's a few shots of the results. Up close it's not pretty, but I used Gorilla glue to piece it back together, what was left of all the shattered pieces. He's bolted to the arbor frame with 2 original bolts it came with, but they are a bit flimsy. Stupid Chinese, if they has used 4 bolts, it would not have wiggled and ripped itself off the frame in the high winds. I may shore this up in the off season. Fromt 10 feet away you really can't tell the difference, so nothing to worry about here. From the street it still looks liek the day I bought it:




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Not that it's much help now, but for next time you (or anyone else) use Gorilla Glue: After about 20 minutes as it starts to expand, you can use paint thinner to wipe off the excess. I usually wipe the excess off twice, once 20 minutes in, then again at 40 minutes.

A quick wipe down while it's drying will save you a good bit or work trying to get all that extra foam off.

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That should be easily repairable - once the off season hits, use the epoxy patch (or fiberglass) to patch it up. a dremel with a sanding drum should clean up all of the repairs, and then a little bit of paint and it will look like it was never broken.

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I know the feeling, Last night we had a really bad windstorm with gusts over 120km/h, The wind damaged alot of stuff , rearanging alot, I spent alot of time repairing the things today and by the time It came time to light up, one of the controllers kept tripping the GFI

After another 2 1/2 hours of frustrating trouble shooting I finally concluded it was a faulty GFI, I replaced it and the lights came back on

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