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Denver Post wants to interview more people with animated displays in Colorado.

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The Denver Post has contacted me and interviewed me about Animated Christmas Light displays.

She has interviewed 2 people already but wanted to know if I knew anybody else in Colorado and I told her I would post a message here.

She only needs 1 or 2 more people so if you want a plug for your display, please contact her at [email protected]

Here is the email she sent me

Hello Mr. Holdman, my name is Sheba Wheeler and I'm a features writer at the Denver Post. I am writing an article about how the old age tradition of outdoor Christmas decorating has been kept going by new technologies (such as your synchronized light show) and families continuing to pass it down through the generations (such as a family I interviewed who has been having a display for 27 years among father and two sons).

I would appreciate being able to interview you as soon as possible for your thoughts on this matter, how your house has been inspiring others (two local homeowners called you up for advice on how to do this and there could be more who have contacted you) and your ideas on keeping the tradition alive for the community.

Thank you!

Take care,

Sheba R. Wheeler

Features Writer

The Denver Post

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I didn't try contacting them but...

It'll be cool to see what they say when the article comes out (can't wait to read it LOL)

...hopefully they'll do a good one.

(and maybe this year a good list of displays like the other (now non-existent) paper used to

do...we can hope...right: :) )

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