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This year, I'd say we're getting anywhere from 1-10 cars at any one point in time. I'm not sure how many are coming by each night.

I will say that it has increased a lot due to the media coverage in the Detroit Free Press this year.

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With our display we count the people, the cars park in our 1/2 acre parking lot a walk through our 2 acre display. Since Thanksgiving we have had 4,289 people sign our guestbook that we keep on the front porch. That is just the count of those that signed the guest book we have a lot of visitors that do not sign the book.

See our 2009 videos on Youtube.


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I hit about 700-800 cars tonight - was absolutly insane.....

It' hard to say how many per night, but it is probably close to those numbers.

The past week it has been a steady 20 and up to 30+cars at time... Last night when I arrived home from work at 7:30 , there was a traffic jam with 50+ cars :eek: My show runs 25 minutes ,so as soon as I could , I switched shows to a short version, 9 minutes long and that seemed to get them moving along and back to around 25/30 cars at a time...When the show shut down at 11:00 there was still a dozen cars watching.

Apparently the local town paper has our house on the front page, without our permission :mad: ..Last week I turned down an interview with the local NBC affiliate and they videoed the display anyway, and had a long segment on the evening news, along with banter between the news reader and the weather man, commenting on how they liked the display and could n't understand why we didn't want to be interviewed. Plus they ran "teasers" all evening, leading up to to news at 10:00 and 11:00...

I have been trying to keep a low profile, traffic has been growing steadily over the past couple of years, I guess saying NO to the reporters just doesn't matter :rolleyes: maybe they can volunteer to direct traffic....


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No way for us to count. We turn on our lights at 5:15 and have the culdesac full of cars waiting for the lights to come on. At 6:00 the line was over 45 minutes long with it getting to over 1hour and 15 minutes. It is like this until 10 or later. In our drive way alone we have an average of 200 - 400 people on foot. Keep in mind from my driveway to my moms driveway is about 170 feet. People park up to four blocks away and walk up. Last night we had 8 people stand in different areas and do a approximate count of people on foot. We did his when we had no buses or limousines here. About 1200 - 1500 people on foot alone with cars backed up in two different direction about 3 /4 miles on the main road. We are two blocks off the main road. There are several times each night that there would be 3 - 5 Greyhound type buses and up to 10- 15 limousines parked in the neighborhood so the people can walk up and they all do.

Bobby & Bobbie

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Before the story on one of the local news channels that ran Saturday night about 30 to 40 on week nights and about 150 on Fri-Sat. This week Sunday was slow ( I think because the Packers lost in the last seconds )

But Monday and Tuesday about 150 and last night had to be 200+. We also had Good Day Wisconsin doing live spots Tuesday bright and early, so the rest of the week could be huge. And then we have a feature on another local news channel that runs this Sunday during the morning show and again on the nightly news so all of next should be solid.


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An article hit the local paper on Saturday and traffic has been pretty steady every night with about 8 to 12 cars watching all evening from about 5:00 till about 11:00pm.

I am pretty happy! Now to go fix a couple 1/2 strings of lights on by arches that need attention!



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Guest Lightzilla

Traffic count is not important to me, but what was important was that my show ran flawlessly right up to and including Christmas eve, and that is far better joy to me than traffic count.

Last year I had controller issues 3 days before Christmas eve, but now that I switched to Lor for which I am glad I did, I had no controller issues this year.

Even using the mini MP3 director unit I had no issues.

Even the better quality cat5 cables held up this year.

The fact that the CTB16PC controllers held up buried in snow (uncovered), and even in (-49F) temperatures (fact) they worked with no issues, even when the Ferris Wheel was hooked up to a controller it worked.

I am a happy decorator this year.

We had in the neighbourhood of 40 cars last night.......not bad for a "out in the sticks display".

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