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Shadracks Motor Sports & Bristol Motor Speedway

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Shadracks Motor Sports, who won LOR's business contest last year experanced flooding last week. Most all of there area was under 4 feet of water. This happened last year dureing the last week of there display but it shut them down for one night last week. You can find the video at www.wcyb.com under news clips. They claim to the largest LED outdoor display of its kind in the country.

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Was it just Shadrack? I know my sister went to Bristol Motor Speedway on 12/13 and it was fine.

They where down for day and half while repairs to display due to wind and rain, they also had some flooding. Both where back up and running in just over a day, lots of work done there for sure.

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My favorite part is driving around the track and trying to go up on the banks

Yeah, I have gotten to do that several times, the track is awesome. I have been around it in a car without lights as a driver without restriction as well. It's amazing to go full speed there. That banking is just nuts.

I have yet to be successful to get my motorcycle in there during Christmas though. I haven't tried with the BMW yet, but they flat out refused to let me go in with my CBR600RR. Probably didn't help I was in full racing leathers though.

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