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? about c9 led dimming

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I have 300 of the Blue C9 retro-fade bulbs in my display. The look great, and fade just fine, although you will need to play with the levels to match them to incandecant lights. Usable range is 2% up to about 60% (LOR) after that there is not much difference.

Running since Black Friday, I have had exactly 1 bulb fail... at least I think it'd failed.. can't get up on the roof due to Ice and snow so it might just be loose in the socket.

Next year I am swapping out all the Green C9's to LED.


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are they bright?

how is the viewing angle? since I outline the roof, top, and sides with colored transparent C-9's they are in directions... so far havent seen a C-9 LED that is like a good ole 7 watter


I used to run red C9 7 watters on the roof and I can say that to my eye, these dimmable C9 retrofits are BRIGHT. You can click on my videos in my sig file for 2009 to see what I'm talking about. The videos for 2008 are single LED C7s on the roof and they hardly show up in the videos, whereas you see the C9 5 LED units clear as day. I think they dim quite nice, but I am not as concerned about matching the exact fade an intensity rates like some folks are (just isn't as important to me). I have 440 each of red green and warm white, and I think there were a total of 4-5 dead bulbs.

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