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Quality Issues - scares me to death

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It makes me glad to read this while I am writing manufactures from my hotel room in China at this moment, finalizing meeting arrangements, the hotel reservations in the 6 cities I am going to, and the driver details.

I have the opportunity to test these at the factories, for initial quality, then bring home sample strings to truly beat on, test strings in multi strand conditions, 10 strings to a channel minimum.

The good thing is, I am a quality snob.

Any factory that provides shoddy samples will have me walking back out the door.

I have purposely overbooked my visits knowing I will be leaving a number of them within 10 minutes with my interpreter/business agent and my quality agent in tow.

As a small business, this is a great expense, but to me, if I can locate the product that will be of the best quality, it is a home run worth the trouble and expenses in the short term.

I have found some pretty nifty items, and hope they are as great as I think when I inspect the samples and test them next week.....

More news from the orient later.

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Well, Corey, while I can appreciate what you're trying to do, I hope you don't think that you'll find a supplier in China with the Holy Grail of LED strands (and they just don't happen to be sold here in the US yet). Those don't exist, plain and simple.

The other problem is that I'm not sure anybody here could agree on what an 'ideal' LED strand actually is. It's different for everybody here, and depends on their application.

With that said, good luck. We can always use another reliable source for good product.

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I added about 300 strings of M5's this year. So I am about 90% LED's. I went to LED because of the colors and they don't lose there color being out in the weather. Also I did not have enough power to add more lights. I had about 6 strands of icicles fail right away but they were replaced in warrenty. I had just one M5 failure. My mini tress are M5's and this is there third year with no problems. I plan to buy more LED this year.

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Guest csx5861

No failures here unless you call one string having a bad L.E.D. that didn't hold up, been using L.E.D. strings for over 2 years now, this is the second year for a lot of strings I purchased last year at Target and they are still holding their own!

The only real failure I had was a 200 multi-color spool I bought from Lowes this year out of 2 spools, one had a bad male pluge, although I do not believe it was a factory quality error, I think someone pulled the male plug out and reveresed the fuse covers on the plug, they did not hold the fuses in place, if they did, the string would have worked perfectly! I think a customer did it and somehow pulled the covers completely out and then put them back in upside down and backward, damaging them in the process, because when I reversed them to the way they should have been, they were very loose and it looked like someone had "cut" them short so they didn't fit correctly. Now I could have just cut the male plug off and soldered another one in it's place, but for the cost $24.99, I opted to take it back and get another spool instead.

All M5's, C6's, C7's, C5's, buttons/dome type, some that look like mini incandescents, etc. (I still don't know all the correct designations yet). but out of all the L.E.D. strings I have on my roof line, as a fence line on candy canes and on yard stakes, I can't really say I've had any issues, most have been going strong since a week BEFORE Thanksgiving. And they are all still working at 100%. And all mine were bought from various sources, Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Big Lots, and K-Mart. Price ranged from $6.98 to $24.98 depending on # L.E.D.'s and string length. Most of my strings are 50, 60, 70, 120 or 200 L.E.D.'s.

So I can't really say I have any issues with any of the L.E.D. strings I've purchased both last year in 2008 and this year in 2009.

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I bought 2 tree frames and LED lights from Animated Lighting 3 years ago. Knock on wood. I have not lost even one LED bulb I got from them!

Both trees are used during the Christmas lighting season. One of the trees has been used for testing on and off all of these years.

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