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cinnamon roll cookies?? anyone have a good recipe?

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being that baking experimenter that I am.. I have been trying to find a GOOD recipe for a cinnamon roll type cookie...

I have baked about 5 different recipes of them this year..and everyone that eats them ADORES them..however to me they are lacking...

but I would like to find one that is soft..all of them ihave baked aredesigned to be a more solid cookie than soft.. they are hard and crumbly but not chewy either

under baking doesnt seem to help, nor does using convection, nor does lowering temp..

those things seem to result in a mess.....

so im looking for a good brown-sugar / buttery cookie that will remain soft when cool...

I will keep experimenting as I always do but if someone has something they have made then bring it on


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I made these last night... im not sureif i like the recipe or not.. it seemed they rose way bigger than the muffin cups... not sure how they got the little roll they show in the pic.

the brown sugar mix could use a little more cinnamon in it.

to do it again i may not let them rise much when in the cups .. would add a teaspoon more cinnamon to the mix and might bake them a tad bit less..


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baking them on a cookie sheet on parchment paper and they are wonderful.. I saved a couple from the main batch last night and baked them out and they were really good..

im baking another batch as we speak with a couple mods to the recipe.. ill post the results...

they are like 2 or 3 inch cinnamon roll which is perfect for a dessert or snack size at a party where there are many desserts to sample...

my videos are up on useless-tube unless they have deleted them from there.. big big difference from my 07 display.


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