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Male Slide-On Plug, Case of 100 $17.99/EA-Each

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Check your local HD. I saw 1500 male and 1500 female in the store the day after Christmas. I use SPT2, so I did not get any - but I think those would stay around a while if your store has them because not too many home owners use them. however, get a pc member or a commercial guy in the store - and all bets are off.

Where at in the store are they? I'm heading to HD tomorrow.

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In my store, they were with the Christmas items at the front of the store. The commercial products are in brown un-marked boxes so to speak. Certainly not any flashy packaging - just brown boxes with black stamps or in the case of these plugs, a white sticker with black writing. The item number is the same in the store as it was on the website.

Stores around here even carry 1000' spools of C9 socket wire on SPT1 wire. I passed last year when they were close to $75 a spool because I wanted SPT2. Having to do it again, not sure if I would pass on it because $75 is cheap compared to full price 1000' spt2.

Your mileage may vary, but HD's in Dallas have this commercial type stuff in the Christmas section, but you need to look for it.

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