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Since stores stocked very little lights this year, I guess I wont be stocking up for next Christmas. And since I wont be spending money on more lights, Im trying to think of some other special effects to synchronize. Snow, lazers or maybe CO2 jets! Lazers seem to have a lot of issues with legal intensity and needing fog to make them even visible, Snow(bubbles) may be a little messy. But at first glance, Co2 jets seem to be pretty cool. You may be able to even up light them to change the color of the "cloud" to red, green, blue...whatever. Ive only been looking at them for a day or two so I have more research to do. They are kinda pricey at just under $1000 and Im not sure how long a tank will last. What do you guys/gals think of it? Here is a video.


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I run a fire equipment company and have used 20# co2 extinguishers at Halloween for the last few years. I just hide the co2 horn in the bushes by the sidewalk and blast the co2 when a trick or treater is 5 or 6 feet away. It will make anyone jump. For my setup I just sit out front in costume and manually fire the co2.

I would think there would be a cheaper way to do this with some sort of valve that would open when hit with elect.

Looks like a cool idea for Christmas time too.


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