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Chicagoland Regional 2010

Carrie Sansing

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Doesn't this go all the way back to PLUS 2007? I remember Brad and his tin foil...

PLUS 2003 actually (the very first PLUS). It all started with a crazy lady staying at the Super 8 many of us stayed at-- she evidently lived at the hotel, and her entire pickup truck was covered in tin foil. Evidently she really thought the aliens were reading her mind.

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Hey Everybody...I've been so busy planning the House on Christmas Street Tour that I have not prepared AT ALL for my trip to the mini! YIKES!

Can somebody catch me up on what I need to bring, besides myself and my sound system? I mean, I saw something about a white elephant table.....

Anything else?


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Would you care to put numbers around what is meant by - "a ton of people"?

Well, I did misspeak..I should have said many tons. A U.S. ton (short ton) is 2,000 pounds. Assuming that the average PC male that is attending Chicago weighs 200 lbs (this will cover the thinner guys as well as the huskier members ;) that gives us ten Christmas nuts per ton. Extrapolating that and including an average female weight of 165 (same assumption, it covers thin and well as zoftig ladies) we should be close to 7 - 8 tons of people at the mini...give or take. :) Does that help? Would you like me to calculate using the UK gross ton, 2240 pounds?

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