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Another year over, and a new one just begun!


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Ok, I would like some advice on what to add for my display next year. I will upload a video when it gets a few degrees warmer (currently 10 degrees:() But for now, here are some pictures of the display in static form. If I could just get some constructive advice on what I should do next...

Currently I'm running 16 channels and not looking to add any more for next year. I'm running with all LED's and looking to keep it that way. So what should I add for my 2010 display!

Along with adding more lights, what songs would you all recommend? This was my first year doing computerized and I feel like I did a lot with little time. Now I have a lot more time to see what I can really do.

So I'm really open to any suggestions, but maybe a few focus areas would be...

1. Substitute for candy canes along the walkway with maybe arches or mini trees

2. More roof lights than just icicles

3. Songs for next years show.

Please try to stay away from...

1. Blow molds (no offense to those that like them, i just don't)

2. Inflatables

3. Anything basically that isn't just lights.

4. Incandescents (I'm an LED guy, sorry haha)







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I like the idea of lighting up the garage a bit. It is extremely dark. I'm thinking of putting some snow flake wire frames above the garage, and I could outline the garage as well.

About the arches... Our drive way is wide enough for 2 cars. 1 is a HUGE expedition, the other is an escape that is parked on the right side constantly. I was actually considering arches because it would look way cool, but I just don't think it would work under those circumstances.

As of right now I have plans to replace the candy canes with mini trees, as well as continue that all the way down the driveway on both sides. And put up snow flakes above the garage as well as outline the garage (thanks for that idea sniggle) and also invest in a new FM transmitter (EDM is the #1 choice right now) but I digress.

Thanks for the ideas so far! Keep them coming please!

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As others have mentioned, your house itself is rather dark. Consider LED wall washes (floods) to illuminate it. Use an RGB system so you get whatever colors you want out of the same unit.

I use a mix of LED and incandescents. The single biggest drawback I've always had with LEDs is their lack of brightness. IE, if I want to fight back the darkness and be seen from outer space, LEDs just can't punch out the lumens like incandescents can. ;) You can overcome a lot of that with good LED RGB floods for washes. I used some DIY stuff under my snowmen this year and as house washes for Halloween and they make a huge impact.

Here's some still shots off our Halloween display. There's no strings of lights anywhere really but you can see how much light you can get when you really want it.

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