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Introducing the Weber Mega Tree


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Don't want to take away any credit and I definitely give Webs300 a lot of credit for the execution, but I posted this idea in December of 2008. Here's a link to the video.

I didn't have any idea how to put it together and was asking for ideas or if anyone had seen anything like it before. At that time I was forwarded to several examples of existing "spiral trees" as well as the "z" trees. It's a nice video and a flawless execution but NOT an original idea. I can admire Scott's tree as probably the best example of this idea I have ever seen but let's take a step back from "monument to Christmas lighting." I'm sure we will be seeing more and more of these in the future, I just don't want to have them all end up being called "Weber Trees" and everyone claiming they were copied from this guy. Great job on the tree but how about referencing where you got your ideas and some precedent. As a great architect once said, "every great idea is worth stealing and repeating."

Are you for real? Get over it, call it what you want, and feel free to post constructive comments in the future.

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Where do i start! i am so happy everyone loved the display!Makes me feel real good, our local food pantry received 7000 dollars and 2000 pounds of food this year, thats what this is all about, making people happy including myself. About that spiraling tree hmmm where do i start, me and my dad and brother in law made 3 models and just about didnt do it but we found a simple way and it worked. we just built a simple regular mega tree out of rope and wrapped the lights around it and zip tied them to the rope, it doesnt have to be perfect to get the neat effect it gives off rope will work but cables might be better. i have an old tv tower that i can climb and attach the strings all the way up. The wind doesnt bother it much, i used one ring in the middle to tighten the ropes up a bit, just make sure to use enough zip ties so the strings dont slip down. if you have more questions just post them or email me at [email protected].:giggle:

folks have postulated that the string circles the tree 1.25 turns.

Your tree is neat and I like it... please stay with the group, not sure why some have their knickers in a knot... your is the first video "I Have Seen" of a real working spiral tree... I will refer to it in the future as a WebbTree... :)

thanks - Dan

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Awesome Tree!!

I just ran across the video here and was calling my family in to watch your tree.

Who care's what it's called. If there's a post MAGII tree or Weber tree or spiral tree. I'll know what there talking about. I do think the Weber Tree will stick but that's only my opinion.

We won't be calling it the Chuck tree

Sorry Chuck I don't even know you but I couldn't resist

once again FANTASTIC JOB Scott

I just joined in Dec 2009 and have learned a lot don't be discouraged and leave.

I'm hoping you do post your plans for your tree.


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What a fantastic tree! It doesn't matter to me what it is called, but I will remember it as the Weber Mega Tree because yours was the first I have seen that GOT IT really right!

It's an awesome design, your execution was stellar and you have truly earned my admiration. Good job and welcome to PC..I look forward to your continuing contributions!

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So at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what the concept is called as long as everyone reading these forums recognizes it. And the next time I hear someone reference a "Weber Tree", I will know exactly what they are talking about.

Which brings me to my final point: when exactly did Webbs300 self promote his idea to the PC community, brand it the "Weber Tree" and insist we all give him credit? Never as far as I can tell. Somebody else noticed the tree, then chased him down and asked him to become a PC member. Sounds to me like the guy is more interested in developing the next concept than he is getting credit for the last one; and that is the type of person that inspires all of us.

Nice job on the tree, Webbs300! I look forward to next year's creation.


Really well put. Most of these guys who seem to come up with these "new ideas" do not ask for credit or dangle their egos around here (or anywhere). They create beautiful displays. Sure there have been others, one here in NJ (http://paradisechristmas.com/Christmas2008.aspx) - made 2 years ago. He has a fantastic display, much better than the video shows, but never did I see him "bragging." (and he is less than half my age). ELB - you hit the nail right on the head. I wish I had half of their ability (and I wish I had the ability of the ELB to give credit to Webbs so eloquently). :giggle:

Congrads Webbs for making a spectacular display. Very remarkable.

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I am the one who coined the phrase Weber Mega Tree (although I only called it the Weber Tree on LOR). I also invited Scott to join us as I am sure others did as well.

I am not sure why this phrase is causing such a stir. There was no large outcry for the Marty Fan or the Robin Wheel. There was some discussion on the phrase mega tree. Heck, even Jeff Ostroff self named his wheel the Jeff Wheel.

Scott was nice enough to join our community and share his knowledge. This thread was created to showcase his incredible tree and should be kept in that light.

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Really well put. Most of these guys who seem to come up with these "new ideas" do not ask for credit or dangle their egos around here (or anywhere).

Most of the guys who come up with NEW ideas, yes. And most people who improve on or take an existing idea and run with it don't claim it to be "original."

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