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Thanks for sending me to a bad website! :giggle:

The URL http://www.wimp.com/christmasdominoes/ was blocked, it is in the Restricted Erotic / Sex category.

If you are at work and your employer uses content blocking, you might not want to follow links like that at work. I'm locked down pretty good here. I get blocked all the time, so I usually just wait till I get home. Based on the category it was placed in, that link probably would have gotten an email sent to my HR department.

The link is just a video of a dominos setup being knocked down, nothing that would concern anyone if they checked it out.

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That was cool, man I'd go crosseyed trying to pull that off. I wonder if he/she had to rebuild it every note when making it.

For all we know there might be a computer software out there that tells you how many to space them and what notes to put where, that looked pretty homemade tho.

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That was pretty cool. The way the ending was done though (the camera sweeping up to the "ceiling" and the nice fade-out) leads me to believe this wasn't a home project but some sort of commercial one. Camera was probably on a boom of some sort and the shots were very well done...

As for how it was done -- I'm sure they just measured from one bell to the next after some initial experimentation. Some of the timings weren't 'perfect' but it was well done.

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