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C9 lights on tile roof

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Has anyone put C9 lights on a tile roof. Our roof is a 9/12 pitch tile roof and I would like to outline it with C9's next year. Will probably require a man lift which I don't mind renting, but looking for good ways to mount the lights to the tiles. Will require 450 lights (150 each RGW). I was think of making PVC "V" shaped pieces 10' long to fit on the ridges with the lights glued to the top of the PVC. Any ideas from you geniuses.


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Yes I have. With pretty good succes. The year we had to take off while building our home a customer that I design for asked if I would be interested in putting up there lights for them. The only clips that I found that would work well on tile were these ones for Action Lighting http://actionlighting.com/item-detail.asp?ID=367&MainCategory=&Sub= (item#100SLA1CLIP). There a universal clip that allow you too clip different types of lights onto several different surfaces. Here is a pic of the outcome from how those lights looked.


Even though we had good success I would almost suggest if this is something you plan on doing year after year I recomend making some pvc pipes that are cut to exact legth of where you are putting the lights up and attach them to the pipe. Then all you have to do is attach the pipe to your facia rather then the tile. Plus it would go up and come down much faster and be in done so all your lines are perfectly straight.

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John those clips would would on the ridge for you too. The main reason I went with those ones was because of how they stretched open and allowed you too get it around the tile. If you make it to the mini this year I think I have a couple extra still floating around that I can show you.

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