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Share your Blowmold Choir Pictures!

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I changed the choir three times. First they were to be under the front window with the deer lure behind them. I moved the lure to the north woods area and stood it up behind Mr and Ms Claus. The choir was moved back and was under the window with the Nativity displayed inside. Then I made the stable and moved the Nativity outside and the choir was pushed to the side. Kinda behind the north woods display.

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Hard to see, but the Choir grew from two last year to eight this year, with two

Beco Angeles, hiding under the overhang, out of view. This year we tried placing them up in the air,(On PCV Pipes) but during the month they all jumped off, and by the end December all back placed on the ground. We will work on a new display method for next year.

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Thank you for the compliment Brad.

I can only wish that I can acquire as many as Carrie has in her display. :D

I know it ate up a bunch of channels for mine this year and I only got 2 songs semi sequenced to use them. Too many things trying to do and not enough time to make it all work the way that I wanted it too.

The first two videos on my site used the choir for animation even though it was just a hit and miss thing for this year. I actually got all the molds due to the song Closing of the Year just so I could do it.

I can see that I will redo things and make them much more involved with the music for next year though. They do have a lot of potential for entertaining with the music.

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Carrie I love your chior setup. I cannot imagine what you could do to make it any better. What is your plan?


Bobby, thank you, coming from you that means a lot to me.

I've been doing my choir pretty much the same way for a long time. I am hoping to acquire about 20 more choir peeps this year..doesn't matter what kind, big or small, makes no difference to the plan.

As I love the TPI trumpet angels and they are an integral part of the "choir" because of LOR sequencing, I plan to split the choir into two sections. On either side, I am going to create (I have to built some new frame works) a new arrangment with my trumpet angels..something, that if it works, will be unique and to my knowledge never done before.

If it works out the way I see it in my head, it should be really beautiful.

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