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NJ Mini - Where the reall fun is

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Message from Chuck (Cenote):

As of Today, it is set, LOR Philly(NJ) Mini is being held this year on Saturday, June 12th rain or shine, nor sleet or ice will stop this event.

Details so Far:


Andy P's house (Aproct on LOR Forum)

Maple Shade, NJ (why we call it the Philly mini, who knows...must be a jersey thing)

Around to corner from Jeff Millards house. (Literally)

132 Park Avenue, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077


To be determined, probably about 10 - 4


Same Catering as Jeff had last year

Hot Topics and Demos:

There will be a demonstrations and large discussions of the new DIO32 cards with custom made Daughter cards and there functions.

A Functional modified "Weber300" tree will be on display (if somebody comes threw with fabrication)

Making custom boxes and control leads for LOR boards

Helpful hints and shortcuts on sequencing with S2, or if there is a S3 by than...

More details of coarse will be following. Fee free to post away on ideas and suggestions for this once in a life time event. For exact location, please PM either Jeff Millard or Aproct, and they will gladly help you.

See you all there, Chuck Note (Cenote on PC)

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How did the mini go? I unfortunately was not able to go due to work.

The mini was awesome. Andy and his family opened up there homes and were great hosts. And Chuck Note should be mentioned for all his hard work.

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