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Looking For light Shows IN Illinois- Alert Program

Is this a good Idea? Should it be global, all states can participate?  

  1. 1. Is this a good Idea? Should it be global, all states can participate?

    • Yes
    • No, Trash the idea

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My name is Zach, I am the programmer and director for the Lights of Illinois display, located in Wayne, IL.

I would like to travel out to your display and professionaly film, photo it as well as speak to you. Potentially share information between each other, my display is going to 500 channels next year and 75,000 lights :eek:. If your intrested please email me at the address below. I am making a list so in the event one display gets vandalised (or other) we are able to email all the Illinois displays and give a heads up. I will not sell your email, think all states should have this program.

ONLY: Light Show Display.

http://www.odioworks.com/custom-feedback-form/feedback.php?v0=Lights OF Illinois&v1=1&v2=1&v3=1&v4=1&v5=1&v6=Anything You want to Add?&v7=1&v8=http://lightsofillinois.com&v9=0&[email protected]&

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Hi Zach--

I think I emailed you a month ago (maybe I just looked at your site, I don't remember) about your display. I saw it on Channel 7's 'holiday lights' feature. Looks like some very interesting stuff you have going. I believe your house aired on December 30th or 31st, because in my news clip they refer back to your house (they're fascinated by teenagers and Christmas lights, apparently)

Anyway, great idea on the contact list. Will mine still count even though it's in Indiana;)?

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Hey Zach,

I'm down here in Central Illinois. Sounds like your going to have quite a display next season.

Anyhow, good idea on contact list. If your ever in the area, drop me a PM.

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I want to make it clear only people that live in Illinois and close to the indiana border. if you feel safer by emailing me threw the contact tab on my site that's fine as well. please try to give me an email you check often and a phone number in case the worest happens.

zach typed on my iPhone

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