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What would you recommend for security cameras

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I would like to buy a video security setup and I've searched the posts, and maybe I missed it somewhere but I've read to many that say "This looks like a good price but I don't own one" or "buy a gun and stay up all night" or "hide in the bushes" or "buy the good camera and not the cheap one" I could go on and on

Who uses security cameras?

What do you use?

What do you like/dislike about your setup?

What specific video camera setup would you recommend?

I don't want a cheap system or dummy cameras but I don't want to break the bank either.

I'm sure somebody out here in PC land owns a good system.



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I bought a 4 camera system with a DVR from these guys:


Cameras have metal housing, not plastic. Should last a long time. Day and night vision is great. Can get pricey though if you get the fancy cameras. I'm happy with the standard outdoor cameras.

DVR was ready to go right out of the box. I went with the DVR because I didn't have a computer I wanted to dedicate to the security cameras. The Video Capture card appears to have more features though and costs less than a DVR.

I waited until they had a decent sale before I bought it.

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I am selling mine. Take a look in the buy/sell forum. Mainly b/c I have a wireless router setup at my house and it interferred. I never got around to buying long enough wires to permanetly wire them. I did try them out with shorter wires and they worked pretty well as a wired pair of cameras though.

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I have this set for our daycare and to watch my Christmas display. Has pretty good night vision. I have sensor motion flood lights out side and it works real good when they activate. Thiws had a 500gb dvr with it and you can order longer cables for it. I had to run the cables under the house and back up thru the floor. It took me about two hours to have it up and running. Only down fall is I had to download the instructions for the dvr but it was no big thing. Just do a search on the home page of the site for security cameras.

Here is the web site and model number.


Model: R401H60W500G8653


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before you buy here is some info about the wireless cameras. I had a set and returned them because of this type interference.

Following items at surrounding area of the receiver may interfere each other.

A) 2.4 GHz wireless computer keyboard or mouse

B) Wireless LAN,WLAN

C) 2.4 GHz wireless modem, wireless network card,wireless Hub and exchanger

D) 2.4 GHz wireless earphone or sound box

E) 2.4 GHz wireless phone, transmitting antenna

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We use a panasonic bl-c131a wireless. Runs from the same computer as the show using Active Webcam software. My computer is a AMD 64x dual core 3.0 GHz, 3.0 gb. If you run a network cam make sure your computer is fast enough. We also run motion floods with our cameras since they don't see in the dark. No problems with it.

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