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Ok this is a question for the electrical wizards here. I have a 6 amp motor on a blower that was used on an inflatable swimming pool. A friend gave it to me thinking I could find use for it. At first I thought, yea to the dump. Now I am thinking I can use it to make a device for wrapping my arches, mini trees etc. I need to know how to slow the revs down. Could I wire a rheostat or light dimmer into the plug to do the trick.


Old Man In Idaho

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You're not going to be able to slow this down enough, without a gearbox, and still have enough torque to pull the lights on.

A gearbox will be hard to find to fit that type of motor.

Is it the pool filter pump? I bet you could sell it and buy a gearmotor that would work for what you want.

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No, it is a blower unit that was on an inflatable swimming pool to inflate the pool. It looks like a huge blower one would use for Gemmy inflatable. I will figure out something else in the mean time. I really don't know that it is something that has any marketable value to try to sell.Thank you for the reply though.

Old Man IN Idaho

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Actually a couple of people here are looking at making something that requires a blower like that. You could probably sell it to one of them,

if the price is right. Mike Mulvenna or Chuck Hutchings.

PM them and you might be able to sell it to them.

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