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Where do you get your lights outside the Holiday season?

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2009 was my first year of animated christmas show!! I have already started planning for 2010 and was able to collect some lights on closeout the days after Christmas, but not enough to do what I want for 2010.

Since I started late in 2009, I did not have a chance to really think about 2010 until after the holidays. Now that I realize what is needed, I can find everything I need ONLINE but Christmas Lights. Specifically I am looking for some 100 Ct red and green lights for mini trees, and would like to purchase them by Mid Year so I can get everything ready by November. I really don't want to be doing anything but setting up and enjoying my display next year, so I want to spend the time ahead of that in buidling and testing all my new designs. That's is the plan at least.

All the local stores are out of Chrstimas Lights, so does any one buy any lights outside the holiday season? Perhaps a good recommendation of an Online Store? I am looking at buying in buik so I figure that can help out some with the price. I did do some searching and used the links on PC, and the best price I have found is 5.99 for a 100 ct string, but most of the options available are "commercial grade" and come in around the 8-10 dollar range. Perhaps I am out of luck and will just have to wait until Oct when the stores start filling with Christmas Lights. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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other thing you can do is often the retailers start receiving their chrustmas stuff in piece-meal fashion on the trucks starting in july / august. you might be able to talk to the manager of a local lowes / home depot store and see if they can call you when product comes in.. just because it is not on the shelf before october doesnt mean it isnt there.. and so you could get it in enough timne to be able to build your trees before the build-up rush starts on your display.


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Has anyone ordered from Christmas Lights Etc? Were you happy with the prices, service and quality of the lights? (Planning on doing my first show this year).


I purchased a roll of rope light from them last year. The quality is decent, the shipping was fast, and the price was good.

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