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National Chain Company

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Does anyone have any pictures of the display at National Chain Company in Warwick ?

I drove by there yesterday at 65mph and it was sort of hard to see everything.

Dan Deshaies

I wish I did have pictures, that's an awesome display. The problem is that the only place to take pictures of it is from 95. That particular stretch of highway is very straight and the traffic roars by there, usually looking at the display and not paying attention. It would be a dangerous place to pull over. Maybe next year I'll see if the lights are still on real late when traffic is light.

Hi Dan,

I don't usually go that far south so I am not familliar with what you are talking about but I will take a ride by tomorrow to see it.

John, what do you mean "that far south"? It's off Jefferson Blvd.

Maybe Cozzi has some?

Chuck, keep your nose out of RI affairs.:P

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Frank, I'm never around there, I'm always taking rte. 37. I seem to remember from years ago that they had a lot of bm's and lights. I am surprised that it is still lit.

Yea, what he said. attachment.php?attachmentid=30070&stc=1&d=1266371621

Oh yeah it's still lit. It gets bigger every year.

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