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Looking for interest in bulk light purchase

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Any news if this will really happen and what type of lights you are buying. The pre-buys from most of the vendors are almost over and I would need to know before then...in the next 2 or 3 days. I'm looking at 30 cases of lights...

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The quality of retail-store LED's is too iffy for me to invest in a bulk buy, unless the price were dirt cheap (like $3 a box, shipped). For standard incans, I'm guessing shipping would kill the deal too, unless you needed tons of them for this coming season.

Good to have options though

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interested in LEDs 100 ct strings in Red, Green, and Clear 20 strings each

if LEDS are too pricy (more than $4 each shipped) then 30-40 100ct strings each of Red, Green, Clear, and maybe 20 strings of blue all on green wire (if price is around $2 shipped..more than that local retail is a better deal for me).


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Guest ourdancinglights.com

I could go with 10 -15 cases of 100 count mini's depending on the price shipped to 48326

Green incandescent or LED's

red incandescent or LED's

Clear incandescent or LED's

Blue LED's

I would also be interested in net lights, is the price is right.


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The OP hasn't posted in this thread for almost a month. And never actually provided details or pricing for what he has in mind. Why are we still posting our wish lists?

maybe they forgot about the post. Perhaps somebody should email/phone them to let them know that Feb is over.

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Anyone know the status of this "Bulk Buy"?


Otherwise, can anyone give me a company name/website that I can just do a bulk buy from? Many Thanks !!

Try Paul Sessel at CDI or . Brian Holzheuer at Holiday Light Express. They're both members here, and should be doing another group buy in the next month or so.

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