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LED tubes

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Ok Chris, now

Chriiiiissssss (in a really whiney voice).... I was getting excited about something new on the cordo stuff. Why wouldn't it work you think? Was thinking about reusing some political signs I have by painting them with a reflective white....mounting the strips with zip ties. You have done this before...not I. You don't think it work as well as regular bulbs :-(

You can feel free to try it, but these string dont bend that sharp. So you will not get the sharp points of a star like using regular lights. Cost is significantly more for basically the same look.

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What lengths?

How many per arch?

Which vendor? How long did it take to get it from the vendor?


You might also want to check out the LED "tape" or "strip". I've purchased rolls of it from a variety of vendors for about 6-10$ per meter (about 3ft) or 16ft for about 40-50$ depending on the density of LEDs and the colors. It also can be cut, usually, at 3" lengths and then attached to seperate channels.

Here are some ideas:


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