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Wrapping Large Outdoor Trees


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How would you wrap, plug in 100 ct mini white lights on very large trees? I understand the rule of three, however, I would like to put 100 strings of 100 ct. mini white lights on one tree. Do I use extension cords on top, plugging three strings in a row and piggy back them, stack say 10 plugs in to one extension cord, drawing 10 amps on that side? Please advise. I thank you in advance for your assistance. Cordially..........

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100 strings that are not LED will be using about 34 amps so first you will need several (4) extension cords that will support a 10 amp load each.

What I would do is place the cords along the tree and spaced according to the amp load something like one near the base of the tree one several feet higher and so on.

If you calculate the load for each cord and see how many strings you will have on the cords you can plan the placement of the cords and then see what the coverage will be. I would not put more that 25 strings on the cord. This is based on a .34 amp draw per string.

You did not say what the diameter of the tree is. I did this for my trees and wrapped them the following way.

I joined three strings together and then started wrapping from the base. The next set of three would be plugged into the first stack plug. I continued this until I reached the limit of the extension cord. In your case I would use 8 amps load per cord so that you dont over load the cord. I would also use a 12 gauge cord some will say this is an overkill.

Once you have dont the first cord then do the same for the second cord and so on.

If I have time tonight I will attach some pictures of the trees I did.


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depending on how new your strings are the rule of three might be out of date

I bought alot of lights this year and most said I could hook 5 to 8 in a row but as far as powering them all up I just have a power cord at the bottom than I run a extension cord up the trunk with a 3 way tap on the end and that woked for me.

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I do this to my maple tree in the easement. Although i use 32 Ch of LOR makes connections slightly different. I run 2 14 awg cords from 2 GFI's to the tree. Then I plug in my controllers. From those I plug in 3-4 strings per channel on separate triple tap indoor cords.

For a static display I'd run my supply cords into the tree( To the fris set of branches) and use a triple tap in the ends. from there I'd drop indoor triple tap type cords back down the tree in 2' spacing or so. You can do one cord into the next if you have to a couple of times each run.

Basically if you were to draw a schematic of you cord setup it would look like a tree! Two big cords supplying a lot of smaller ones, supplying the lights. This will leave you with lots of places to plug in lights without having to break the "three" rule!

If you start at the bottom of the tree with your first 3 strings of lights you can good estimate of how you need to space your cords...

You can also connect all your cords after but you'll need to ty rap them to the tree and it won't look as good on the back side.

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