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Decorating elv


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Greg, I am planning on something other than the rubber band -- that's the only thing I could put my hands on fast! Thanks for the idea.
C'mon now ...and like the "F" was to far up the keyboard, so you used "V", something that you could reach fast...but you were planning on using an "F" - I know...
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Looks Great!! Now I want one. Where do you get the wiper motor from the junk yard? how much do they usually run? and do you run them off a battery or 120? Thanks for any help!!


Pick them up from the local junk yard, run about $10. Computer power supplies @ 5vdc.

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Guest Scot Meyers

Thanks for all the compliments. And tanks to Scot for digging it up again! No comment, Ed....

WELL DANG!! ive been so busy with my own self centered projects i had not see this yet.... UNTIL YESTERDAY!!!

besides Tim Fisher always says im good at digging up old threads. :)

Edited by Scot Meyers
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I definatly agree on the spring for return up in the North East, but i think for effect you want something real soft. I have a Piglet i just built that is hopping, i used a real strong AC motor the pulls him down and then a real strong spring that moves him up a wooden rod real fast, gives an effect that hes jumping.... The cabinet drawer sliders is a very good and inexpensive idea! will need to file that one away for later.

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i have a ladder and 3 wooden elves that that go on it elves over 2 feet tall is there any way you think i could do this but with just the ladder i have the ladder going to the roof and would tha regular windshield motor work or would i need heavier and could i hook all 3 elves up at once or would i need 3 motors 3 drawer pulls so forth you are so smart

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