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LUO Meet & Greet

If you are attending the meet and greet how many will be in your group  

  1. 1. If you are attending the meet and greet how many will be in your group

    • One person
    • Two People
    • Three people
    • More than three people
    • Not sure yet

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Now that we have announced the super secret location for the meet and greet I need to have a head count so that I can let the restaurant know how many to setup for.

Everyone is welcome to come to the meet and greet even if you are not coming to the mini, there is no charge (other than your restaurant tab) for this event and each person pays their own bill.

Just so everyone knows where

Old Bag of Nails

2102 Tremont Ctr

Upper Arlington, OH 43221

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I will be stocking up on Apple Pie for Chicago, it's still a little early yet for it at Ohio. Plus, I think Saturday night after all the presentations are done in Chicago would be a perfect time to break it out. :-) Actually, I already have several orders for Chicago. lol


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I think it's around 50+ people so far... I should be getting an updated list this coming week.

I should hope you get an updated list this week!! If you get one next week You can say how many people went to LUO!!LOL

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Everything is in place for the meet and greet on Friday night and I need to make sure that anyone else that might be coming or those that are coming but didn't vote to please do so because we need to give a final count to the restaurant by Wednesday. Please make sure that you have voted by midnight Tuesday because I will be closing the poll early Wednesday morning.


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