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I'm sorry, but you are a jerk.

Tim H. is a jerk.

Tim F. is a jerk.

Frank is a jerk.

Mike is a jerk.

Chuck is a jerk.

Carrie is a jerk.

William is a jerk.

Tory is a jerk.

Dano is a jerk.

Shaun is a jerk.

Frank is a jerk.

Craig is a jerk.

Brett is a jerk.

Dale is a jerk.

Gary is a jerk.

Reg is a jerk.

Richard is a jerk.

Terry is a jerk.

Steve is a jerk.

And if I missed someone, you're a jerk too...

There I took my shots...

You listed me twice. Does this mean that I am your favorite jerk, or that you are inept?

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Your link is broken... jerk :P

It maybe be just a lousy site...

Weird, I had fixed it (the text was correct) but vBulletin still linked it to the original link. It should work now. Hope it was worth the wait :)

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