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Interactive show software for LOR users

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After a few months of getting the kinks out, the software I have been working on is ready for a PC announcement.

I have been developing interactive show software to allow guests to vote to advance the song they want to see in the playlist. There is no hardware needed for the display owner but the guest needs an internet phone to vote.

I am calling it MIIP for Mobile Internet Interactive Playlist. You can see it in action here. http://miip.mobi/?s=TCLH

The site is formated for a Blackberry, iphone, or mobile internet device but you can see it from any browser. It will look all squished to the left from here.

Here is the user document. http://miip.mobi/help/MemberDocumentation.html

If you wish to try it out free you can email me as explained in the link.

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This is a cool concept. One way to help get some funding for it might be to sell a "premium" version that lets the display owner pay a small fee for the privilege of having full control of the look/feel of their display's page (within some guidelines), as well as a custom URL that takes users directly there (e.g. plymouthlights.miip.mobi).

Nice work!

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Hi Bob,

I am sure you have spent a lot of time on this and suspect it works very well. I do however, at least for my display, feel this feature is not very visitor friendly. LSP (the software I use) has had this feature and I have considered using it. After considering it I decided not to use it. It was my feeling that because of the number of visitors we have to our display that the visitors would become very frustrated getting in the play list queue to hear the song they picked as they could be way down the line in the queue. In addition different visitors could pick the same song and it play over and over again.

I wish you luck with your software and suspect it will be useful for display other than mine.

Just the rambling thoughts of an old man.

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Thanks Tim & Mike for your support. I agree Mike that MIIP is not for everyone. There is certainly the possibility that an interactive show may disappoint the non-participant. But if I may present a few counter points.

While the music I select is what I like, its not what everyone likes. Many times I have noticed people leave during certain songs. Or sometimes the same car returns several times trying to catch a particular song. This has caused me to add or remove songs that I think people want to see.

MIIP offers the guest the chance to see the song list and to effect it. And offers me some information about what songs are liked or not liked. As opposed to nothing at all, they now have more information to make a stay / go decision. Even without voting, they can see if the song they want will be coming up. If they don't want to wait 10 minutes they can try to bump their song up the list.

The voting calculations are simple. If there is no one voting, the songs play in a rotation. The song played the longest ago plays next. When a vote is placed for a song, that song jumps to next in the playlist. When a second song gets a vote (now two songs each have one vote) the song with votes played longest ago plays next. So repeating is reduced if there is more than one voter.

In the case where there is only one person voting, its ok with me if a song plays frequently. When there are a lot of cars outside, there could be some competition. Or they could all want to see the same song.. that is what the miip voter data tells you. But if they are battling to get their song next or try repeat it too many times there are some things to prevent it.

In MIIP you can not vote for a playing song. So there will always be at least one song between repeats of a song. Also a planned feature is to limit the number of votes from a single phone. Several ideas are being considered but one is to just put a timer on voting to require 2 minutes between votes and a second longer timer on songs that were already voted for. This will prevent a single person from hogging the show but will still allow the crowd to express their opinions on what is seen.

Once again, if there is only a single car viewing, my inclination would be to let them pick any song with no restrictions since it would not disappoint anyone else. The limits above are for when there is heavy competition.

Don't forget that when the rotation of songs changes, all the MIIP users screens are refreshed with the new list. It tells them the number of seconds from that point to when each song plays. This may increase the amount of time people want to stay since they know how long they need to wait for their song.

Guests without an internet phone are going to be in the dark. They will not know what song is coming up.. but.. they would not know if there was no interactive voting either. Even before MIIP, songs were added and removed from the list depending on how close before or after Christmas. So no guest could know how long to wait or even if the song they once heard would be played at all. With MIIP at least some of the guests have a cool insiders look they may like and give them a memory of that light show where you can pick your song.

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what a great concept. Great work. I can't wait to get started with it. I would suggest you create a paypal account, Then those who use it could make an offering to you.

Thanks Kent. The MIIP enrollment email is also my paypal. Not sure what I want to do about that. Once I go official first release I will decide. For now its still Beta and expires while I address bug reports. This project is now for my coolness factor. I was unemployed for a while and thought about selling it, but at this point its not for the money. However... I could use a fancy phone when I stand out in front of the house and talk to people. I could show them how to control the show.

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A very unique idea and we hope to have Zach Stoltenberg give a presentation on MIIP at HAM-PLUS. But for me, I've limited my song list to 4 songs last year, and will do the same this year, in an effort to keep the traffic moving. Our viewing space is limited, and if I have one or two cars sitting around to listen to their song in a que of 10 songs, I'll just get a big traffic jamb, which won't endear me with the neighbors, or the viewers.

But for the right environment, it will be great and possibly a big draw. Good luck on moving forward.

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The Beta period for MIIP is ending in August.

Pricing starting September 1 will be: $200 List price. Provide the discount code 90PctOff to pay only $20 !

If you want to get MIIP totally free, you can still request enrollment AND complete your setup before September first.

A completed setup includes creating a show and using MIIP to play it and vote.

Take a look here. http://miip.mobi/?s=TCLH

Enrollment info http://miip.mobi/help/MemberDocumentation.html

The latest release of MIIP includes

Integrated support for RDS text. (Using your RDS capable transmitter)

Improved verification tests and speed.

Improved MP3 tag identification.

Improved visitor tracking.

LOR version detection.

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Hmmm .... I typed a post but it seems to have disappeared... Sorry if it turns out to be a repeat.

Anyone who wants to try MIIP for this season should enroll asap.

November will be too busy and too late. The above $200 price was kidding! There is no charge for this season.

The current release is fully functioning with all reported problems addressed.

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I have MIIP now and had a few issues with it initially but BOB worled with me most every day for a while till we got things going. I am sure his software was not the issue but was my computer configuration. All seems to work well now. Either way...Thanks Bob.

Now...when it comes time for the show....the shows are scheduled through MIIP to come on and turn off are specified times. That means I leave all my LOR controllers on 24/7. They would just not be displaying any lights till MIPP tells them the show has started. Correct?

Also...since the shows are using the PC to store the shows and songs, I also need to have that PC on 24/7 so that when it comes time for the show the PC and the LOR controllers are available for the show. So.....does that also mean I need to disable any sleep setting or hibernation settings in the PC so the PC does not shut down during the "off times"???? How did you address this in your MIIP shows Bob?

Again...a neat program/application Thanks Bob.


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