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Mini Plus 2010 pictures


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I thought I would start a new thread where everyone can add pictures of the mini. Mine didn't turn out all that great cause I didn't take many. I did want to show some of the ideas that came out of the mini, My favorite new thing is the arches. I love the tater twister to make it easier to make them.


My second favorite only because Bill left me the jig to make the stars was the way to make them.


here is some pictures of us listening to the Frank, Rich, Glenn and Andy





I was kinda busy so I didn't get many pictures. Hopefully someone got some good ones to share. Again Thank you to everyone that made this a great mini.

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Here is the link to the photos in my photobucket album: http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n4/mkleder/Virginia%20Mini%20Plus%202010/

Here are some highlights:

Stars of the small screen....or would it be more appropriate to say "victims of TLC"? BillV and Al & Esther Thompson


Along with far more yummy donuts than any of us could eat, Paul sent along a couple dozen Christmas cupcakes and boxes upon boxes of brownies. Thank you so much Paul!


....but who was there to eat?


There are more pictures in the photobucket album.

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