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Disney's Wonderful World of Color

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I actually just got back from Disneyland early this morning. World of Color is an impressive show in person. It's only been running for about a week and the crowds trying to watch were huge. Definitely a sight to be seen. Here is some even better quality video:

Will Sanders

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One of my theatre friends forwarded me this. Some of the jargon might be hard, but definitely impressive.

A friend of mine helped me put together a partial equipment list: All fountains have a custom LED ring with either 1 or 3w LEDs, VL 3000's, Syncrolite SXB 7/3's, Martin Atomics, LED Sparkle strobes, Color Kinetics Color Reaches, Color Kinetics TR-UV, Chauvet Bubble Kings, Christie projectors, underwater fire canons, moving fire canons, underwater projection domes that can move up and down, custom underwater projector housing, custom underwater housings for the Atomics, and the Vari-Lite domes are Tempest Tornado 2300's with DEC control. Then on Mickey's Fun Wheel: Color Kinetics iColor Flex, Altman Spectra LEDs, and a new version of the iColor coves.

Control: (3) GrandMA 2's, a GrandMA 2 Lite, GMA Remote through iPad, and GMA Network

And some "fun facts" from a press release:

* The production uses one of the biggest show control systems ever built; more than 18,000 active points of control are precisely managed by a single system.

* The brilliant hues in the show are the result of specially created lighting (special LEDs) that infuses the nearly 1,200 fountains with light and color. This dazzling, colorful effect has revolutionized fountain lighting.

* The “World of Color” technology can create a 380-foot-wide water screen for digital projection, and yet it’s not just the scope that makes it spectacular. The water screen takes on live characteristics, changing shapes, creating special effects, and interacting with a variety of other media in the show: color, fire, lasers and fog.

* The “World of Color” fountains are programmed the way lights are in a rock-and-roll show, using elaborate light boards and switches.

* Creators of the show found four state-of-the-art lasers in Europe that are used to produce some of the wonderful illusions in “World of Color.”

* The moving fountains in “World of Color” will reach enormous heights. The fountains, capable of reaching from 30 feet to 200 feet high, are:

600+ Grid Fountains

400+ Chaser Fountains

65 Dual Water Whip Fountains

76 Single Water Whip Fountains

12 Flower Spout Fountains

10 Geyser Fountains

6 Dancer Fountains

4 Butterfly Fountains More than 100,000 digital images and several different animation styles – computer-generated, paper, sand, 2-D and 3-D animation – were gathered to create the fantastic, innovative visuals.

* The show uses 28 projectors (14 of them, submersible) to help bring the vibrant, colorful images to life.

* The 1-acre “grid” of fountains in Paradise Bay will function, in a way, like “pin art” or a “pin screen” toy, as fountains pop up, change shapes and shoot to different heights. The fountain table is bigger than a football field in length and divided into three sections. (It took a 400-foot-tall crane to install this giant platform.)

* The platform functions at three levels: under the surface for daytime, at “show” height in the evening, and above the water for maintenance.

* The huge underwater system features three submersible electrical rooms, each the size of a semi trailer and each weighing approximately 30,000 lbs. As the show is performing, these rooms can travel up and down with the platform like submarines, controlling the power and infrastructure that runs the fountains and lights.

* More than 75 miles of cable help control the lift tables and show equipment in the lagoon cable trays.

* The show spans Paradise Bay – a 3.5-acre lagoon, with more than 16 million gallons of water.

* A new audience area was specifically “imagineered” to provide viewing for guests, including some fountain surprises.

* Nearly 1,200 powerful and programmable fountains with heights ranging from 30 feet to 200 feet (50 feet higher than Mickey’s Fun Wheel). Each fountain has multiple points of control to direct the lighting, color intensity, water angle and height.

* One of the world’s largest projected water screens – a wall of water 380 feet wide by 50 feet high, for a projection surface of 19,000 square feet.

* Nearly 30 high-definition projectors – 14 of them submersible.

* Synchronized flame projections, lasers and special effects that will flood the senses.

* A soundtrack performed by more than 100 musicians.

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I am amazed by this. I thought the Grand Haven Musical Fountain was pretty sweet, then I saw the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas. These are simply outstanding. My siblings watched the 27 minute video straight through...it was definitely something we would want to see in real life.

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