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Coro Heads Up!!!

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That is an awesome buy, but I am not sure if you could get enough people to buy in. I didn't know you wanted to work any coroplast projects. That is more coro then I think I could ever use.

Lets see, I wonder if Bill, Larry, Curt, Jay, Jim, and Tom have any use for it. I am sure I am missing someone here. We could send Bill a PM or email and see if he can round up a few. Great deal, would be willing to go in on it, but I think we need at least 6-10 people.

I am awake if you get the urge to call.

BTW, what do you do go through craigslist late at night for Christmas items? I think you have problems and have lost your sanity unlike me. LOL

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Gosh darn it. If I had seen this, I would have jumped on it, then shared the rest if anyone was interested.

I'm interested in picking up about 3 or 4 4x8 sheets, but best price I've found is about $25 ea.

There is a distributer in Marietta sells for about $10 each, but have to be a business to order from them.

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