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Looking for Halloween ideas

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This is my first year of really doing a halloween display. In the past I've used the cheap spider web stuff and a few bugs, but that's it. This year I'm wanting to expand and start building a display. Soooo, I'm searching for some ideas on my Halloween project.

What I'm looking for is ideas on a fence to go around my front yard for several reasons... 1) to protect my flowers and shrubs, that have been trampled in the past. 2) add to the creepy factor, and 3) easy to setup and take down on Halloween day and the day after, because I don't want it up for several days, just for Halloween night, and 4) blocking off my yard will give me space to add more elements in coming years (the area I'm fencing off will be about 40' x 40').

I was thinking of using rope light and some wooden posts (the posts will be held in place with rebar). I was thinking of using a combination of Purple, Orange, Red, and/or Green (not all at once, maybe one or two colors). I like the idea of Purple and green fence, or even purple and red. The lights would be pulled fairly tight, so there would be very little sag in them so the kids won't be able to step over them or duck under...easily.

I also plan to use a few colored flood lights on my porch for effect. Either Green and red floods, or possibly Red, green and purple/black. The purple/black will be in the wall lights on either side of the door to light up the door area, and the other colors will be the flood lights on the left and right sides of my porch. Oh, my porch is 40-45' in length and only 5' deep, with the door in the middle.

If anyone can critique or offer some suggestions to my setup so far, I would greatly appreciate it.

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http://www.bigscreamTV.com has some really cool ideas on their haunted house video/dvd. I thought it ws worth buying.

Even though these photos are sidways, I inlcuded them to give you an idea of how we made our fence for Christmas which we are thinking of using for Halloween with purple and gree rope lights. [ATTACH=CONFIG]35285[/ATTACH]

We used PVC (north poles) with the 4-way Ells at the top to run the rope lights through. Each post is pvc and about 2-1/2 feet tall. Too tall to jump over, too low to crawl under easily.

I used xtra large Clear Christmas ornaments at the top, stuffed with clear lights. you could put green, orange or purple mini lights inside if that is appealing to you. I used 35 minis per globe. You could put some pumpkins on the top, plastic skulls, ghosts or whatever you like. Check out the dollar stores for these items.

If you do a search here for "North Pole Fence," you'll see how to make that part. This idea is quite versatile and it really keeps the kids out of the part of the yard you don't want them in.

You can also go to Youtube.com/flashers (that's my dog's name) to look at our videos to get some idea. I think I also have some uploaded here on Planet Christmas. Look for my videos. I'm a big fan of making things out of coroplast, as I find it easy to work with and light weight. i've made Ghosts, animated pumpkins etc with it for Halloween.

My husband wears a Zombie costume and sits motionless on a dark chair behind one of our tombstones, and waits for someone to walk by, then he turns to watch them, it surprises the heck out of folks because they think he's a prop! we have had a lot of fun with that idea.

And I was thinking of painting pvc poles black and have them a larger diameter than my christmas north poles and just slipping it over the north poles (that have already been made for a couple years) and that would make for an easy changeover from halloween to Christmas.

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I tore up some old lattice and made a creepy picket fence. I made it in sections and it has stakes to stick it in the ground. Then I drape mini lights over it.

In the past I have used rope lights in the Christmas display. I cut a section of pvc...added a T to the top to run the rope and slide then over rebar. It makes a nice fence.

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does anyone know if there are led's that will change colors to orange and blackish then to more Christmas like colors? It would be cool to install in early October for clients and have them all the way through new years. We normally start Oct. 15, but that is strictly christmas decorations.

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You can buy 10' sections of "garden fence" at lowes. They come painted white and I bought some black, gray, and dark brown paint and sprayed them really fast randomly on the fence. It turned out really nice. I then use stakes and zip tie the fence to the stakes. Looks great.


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Haven't been on in a while and I just saw this...A few years ago I took some small/mini plastic pumpkin and skull pails that I got at target (they seem to have these each year), used a spade bit and drilled holes in the bottom. Then I took some 18-24" cuts of 1/2" pvc, notched one end, and sprayed them black. I strung purple mini lights through the notches and then placed the skull/pumpkin on top of the notched end. I used hot glue to keep them in place. I'll try and find a picture...

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