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New Free Standing Mega Tree Design

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So I live on a sloped yard and so I had to make some modifications to this design. I wanted to share with others what I did to hopefully inspire everyone.

You can see the pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?saved=1

Here is my custom frame. My yard is sloped so I had to change the design some. The side legs are the normal length; however, the front and back legs are both different. Once I had the sides on I took a 6' level and made the tree plumb. Then my helper took a measurement for the front and back legs and cut them to size.


Mega Tree Base by simcole, on Flickr

Here is my midtree addition. This lets me add an "inner" tree to the mega tree wherever I want it. It's made out of a heavy duty 5 gallon bucket lid. Though they're not pictured yet, I have small bolt on hooks that I am placing around the bucket. The nut of the bolt will hold the hook in place and the weight of the string will hold the hook down.


MidTree Addition by simcole, on Flickr

Here is how my bucket lid is held in place. It's a piece of plastic tubing that's held in place with a metal hose clamp. This lets me place the midtree wherever I want it along the pipe.


MidTree holder by simcole, on Flickr

Finally here are my custom snap T's. They didn't have 1/2" snap tee's and the next size had the attachment side threaded. I just bought 4 more regular T's and used my Dremel to make them work. The zip ties keep things tight.


Custom made Snap T's by simcole, on Flickr

I hope this helps someone else out. Thanks loopy for the design.

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I can't believe there are 70 comments on this. It's not that complicated. I did a 14' tall mega last year out of 1-1/2" PVC pipe dropped over the top of a steel T post I drove into the front lawn. Made a loop out of PEX tubing for the bottom. It's not rocket science, it's not new, and doesn't need to be designed. There are probably 100 different ways to do it. Just figure out what works the best for you and how much you want to spend.

But you see, not everyone can drive a T Post in, so this one being free standing is worth a little more trouble to some people. Sometimes there is concrete or a very rocky area. I appreciate your post because I can drive in a T Post, but I am wondering what kind of winds you have there.

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Hi! Great design, I'm almost finished building mine.

A couple thoughts...

1) Please number your pages! They get mixed up quickly!

2) Don't waste money on snap Ts, I just took the cheap Ts and chopped off a little bit with my chop saw

3) Don't cut the 3" pipe! Ouch, that greatly decreases the structural integrity. Spend a few bucks more and get a repair collar, it just slides over. You can then glue or screw into place!

It took me about 4 hours to build. Tomorrow I'll stand it up!

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I finished mine in about an hour, start to finish excluding the lights.

A couple of mods I made...

I didn't have snap Ts so I used 3/4 to 1/2 Ts and slid the 1/2 gray pipe through the 3/4 Ts. I used the plastic deck light holder on the base. They work perfect and don't slide around. I spaced them out prior to adding the lights.

I glued everything so instead of "breaking" it down each year. I added a coupler on the legs and drilled a hole and used a pin to hold it in place. Just remove the pin and the legs collapse for storage. I can't wait until next year so I can add some more trees.

Someone asked about price...mine cost $125 for the pipe and 25 strings of 100 lights.


it's the red and white tree on the right....

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Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I have finished the construction of the LoopyChristmas Mega Tree. The plans were very easy to follow and it only took me about 3 hours to complete. For the size of my yard it is perfect.

Thanks flaloop

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