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My new EDM-TX-LCD-EP... One problem....

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So I just received my new EDM-TX-LCD-EP yesterday by mail. Everything arrived in a very timely manner. Except one thing, the chord that runs from my computer to my new Transmitter that will allow me to broadcast my music for my display. Am I missing something, or did I forget to order that chord? I would really appreciate the help from anyone! Please help!

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I don't have the EP model but I think they are the same as mine. It has L/R RCA/phono jacks for the audio out.

This will get you from your PC to the transmitter (you can find longer ones as well):

6-Inch Gold-Plated Y-Adapter Cable, 1/8" Plug to Phono Plugs

I also suggest you get the headphone control - it allows fine control of the audio into the transmitter since the PC control can be a bit coarse:

Gold-Plated Volume Control Cable for Stereo Headphones

Lastly, you may want to look into an isolation transformer if you have any hum which can happen:

Ground Loop Isolator

You'll need adaptors for these to go from male to female phono jacks.

This is what I use for my setup and it's crystal clear.

Oh, ok, Thanks Eddy! Uh, what would the chord specs be? Audio jack to what? I'm not quite sure what sort of port(s) this transmitter has...
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Wow, thanks very much Brian! Can I get these at any Best Buy Radio Shack or any other similar store?

Quick question though, would the Ground Loop Isolator replace the Y-Adapoter Cable? And would I plug both ends of those cables into my transmitter?

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