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My lights have come!!! Have yours!?!?

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I ordered 120 white and 120 red C9 retros along with 240' of C9 12" SPT1, and 11 strands of the multi M5 Icicle lights during the first pre-season sale in Feb.

I received the 120 white C9 retros on August 19th with an email telling me that " Parts of your order shipped, the icicle lights are due in this week they will be shipped separately." On August 20th I requested an update on the status of the rest of my order. It took another email request 6 days later before I received a human response telling me that the icicles were due to arrive on that day (Aug 26th) and the retros were due to arrive right after Labor Day. They offered to ship it piece meal or everything right after Labor Day. To help out I said to go ahead and ship everything right after Labor Day. I heard nothing during the week after Labor Day so I requested a update on the status of my order last Wednesday (9-15). I received the auto response telling me that they would respond to my question by email. Today (9-21) six days later I sent another email requesting a status update on my order, to which I received the auto response. I'm still hoping to hear something about the status of the remainder of my order.

To remain in business it's critical to keep your customers informed, be it good news or bad.

In my opinion a timely response to a customers request is within two week days.

I am dissatisfied with the poor communication I've received from this vendor to this point.

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The actual response I refered to in my last post was " - the remainder of your shipment is set to go out later this week with our next batch of shipments. Thank you for your patience." I received this reply on September 22nd. Well, today is October 2nd and I haven't heard any more about my light shipment status nor seen any lights appear. I am quickly running out of patience. :mad: I sent a request for an update on my shipment again today. I'll share what I hear with you all.

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I'm still waiting for a reply to my request I emailed on October 2nd for an update on the remainder of the order I made in February. I was promised that it would ship during the week of Sept 20th but no joy! I've made another email request for a status of the remainder of my order yesterday. All quite on the home front.

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The last of my LED light string order was received from LED Holiday Lighting yesterday, as ordered and they work perfectly. The original order was placed 9/3, so it took longer to receive than anticipated since the lights were in stock. Receiving only part of my order initially was unexpected and more costly for LED Holiday Lighting. And the lack of response, or slowness to respond, to emails was frustrating.

But the positive is that I could order 5 strings of a particular color because that's all I needed. I didn't need a case of 12 of them, so saved some money.

Now I can move on with other aspects of getting the Christmas display ready.

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