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Can this be done with LOR Controllers? Trip Lightning and Thunder sounds seperately?

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Okay, I've read through my manuals, but I may not be understanding how to use the "trip features" of a controller or my LOR MP3 ShowTime Director.

Is there a way to successfully trip only a strobe lamp and then using another trip mechanism to trip a Thunder sound that WOULD NOT interfere with a running show? Any info from the experts on how to accomplish this would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm hoping and thinking it can be done, current light and music show continues while the strobes and thunder claps occur as the trick or treaters head to the door by some sort of motion triggers. But I don't know or think background effects can have music or sound, only lighting effects, so I may have to set this up as a seperate entity using a laptop for the sound effects and LOR for the background lighting effect, but still am not sure it can be done. I've got to figure out what kind of sensors to use for "experimenting" to see if this may even be possible with sound and light happening while the regular show goes on un-interupted.

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Unless you use LOR to trigger an external program, you can only play one sound at a time.

So while you could certainly have animation and background sequences running and use an "interactive" sequence to trigger a sound/light FX, you couldn't have two running at once.

You might try running an unsynchronized CD as background (with lights) or using Zara Radio on a PC to run audio while LOR just controls triggered audio.

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