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LED lights in stock ready to ship! Discount code PC2009


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Hotrod, similar to AGrisWoldXmas question but please refer to my post to see my dilemma:


Do ya'll carry any multi color 100 count strands, because I am trying to replace the incandescents on my mega tree but want the length to be able to go from the bottom of the tree to the top and back down with one strand thereby making two strands on the tree with only one of your strands, the 70 ct would be to short, I am sure. I do like the fact that yours are sealed especially here in Louisiana where anything rusts with our humidity even when it doesnt rain.

We have just a handful of 100ct warm and pure whites left.

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What do you guys think? Super bright, fast shipping, couldn't be happier. I am starting to sound like a walking billboard for Environmental LED. smile.gif

For those interested:





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thanks...I been doing it for about 12 or so years getting bigger all the time... do it for free for my clubs ..I now have 3 shop built trams pull by a tractor. I always try to out do my lights from the year before. Please free to look at pics of tram in my profile..thanks again..but if anybody know anywhere. thanks..

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How's this for service: Had 1 bad string out of 48 (it happens)... sent an RA request yesterday, received an email back within MINUTES, with a tracking # to replace the bad strand. Package will be here tomorrow. Its things like this that keep me a repeat buyer! Thanks Brian for the reliable services!!

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