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Christmas Carolina Convention Presentations

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It was a great idea to broadcast it over the web. I sat and watched for 4 hours, and did not interrupt a sole. Nice job...

And you know what we can be like (us Jersey / PA guys and one monkey from RI)...

Ed!! Did you see me on Camera?? I walked by a few times and was sitting in an area that the camera got aimed quite a bit!! My internet streaming Debut so to speak :P

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Ed had a weird fixation on seeing Kevin the Demented Elf on camera, he missed his presentation and wanted to see what he looked like.

I met Kevin in person and have his autograph! Cool guy very good radio voice!! I hope that everyone starts to get their requests in for VO's from him, he may start getting busy!!

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I managed past it a time or two also. I tried to steer clear when possible. I just hope that my goof (whoever turned that second number on my name tag into another 3 instead of a 4...). I was tired enough to make that mistake, though. The person who got the voiceovers totally deserved to have them. I needed the little flashlight anyway (could have used it a week earlier, but I have it when I need it in the future).

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