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Question about water proofing C9 bulbs and sockets from Clinton, MO

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I am trying to head off a small problem that I had this last season, OK a big pain. We had quite a bit of rain, and then the snow, I know welcome to MO been here my whole life. The shingle clips that I have place the C9s at a verticle position. They put off a lot of light this way, and really stand out which I like, but the rain collects in the socket or the wet snow that collected on the roof melts again gathering in the socket, and I guess stops the connection. The light goes out and there I go up the ladder again, pull the bulb, empty the water, plug the string back in and it works again. I know I could buy new clips and place them in a different position, but I like the verticle position, and I bought a truck load of these clips at about 60% discount.

Any safe, great, or good ideas! I mean the ladder thing is gettin old, and I have a 3 story 115 year old victirorian house with a lot of roof lines. What is the best way to maybe make, or install some type of seal between the bulb and socket. (I'm gettin old, and my legs are tired, oh yeah my wife told me I was starting to curse over it!)

Thanks, Jim

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I had the same concerns last year, when I added 600 C9's with the sockets facing up, there are washers available, that go under the bulbs,to help keep the water out, but I can't find where I saw them, but from what I remember they cost almost as much as the bulbs, so I never ordered any. I never did have any problems , with much rain and snow. My C9 stringers are from Walmart and they seem to have enough space around the bottom of the sockets to let any water drain out. If your sockets do not, maybe try drilling 1 or 2 a small holes through the bottom so that no water can accumulate and freeze.

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