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10,000 LEDs for $1000?


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Is it possible to purchase 10,000 LEDs for $1000 from a reputable seller during this time of year. That would be 100 sets for $10 each (fancy calculator I have:)) I would be willing to send a cashiers check, paypal or credit card, shoot if you are close enough I would get it in cash. If there are any company reps out there that wants a sale, please PM me. I am looling for 33 sets each of red, blue and cool white in 5mm. I hope this thread is OK to place. I will not post anyone prices in open forum. God bless.. Jeff

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You will need to call Jeff Jerina 469-569-9246 at Holiday Brillance or Brian at Holiday Light Express http://www.holiday-light-express.com for that info. When you find out, please post it here as I am curious also.
Someone call that number and ask if their refrigerator is running?"

For anyone under 30 who doesn't understand my buffoonery, my reply is a joke.

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